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This page deals with the topics of breeding squash, predominately the butternut family of squashes,
although this site also will include information on other squash varieties. There will also be a squash breeding
blog to provide communication and sharing of information between individuals around the world working in this area.

Email address for this subject: I have toll free calling nationwide
so drop an email to set up talk time.

How to Make Controlled Pollinations of Squash
These pages are loaded with pictoral representations of how to polinate squash. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Pollination introduction...
A discussion of the mechanics of controlled pollination of squash and an outline of materials required.

How to prepare for polination...
Late in the afternoon or early evening before the morning of the pollinations, detailed preparations are required.

Performing the actual polination...
Early in the next day the carefully controlled pollinations are done.

Post pollination activity...
On the third day after pollination the protective coverings are removed.

How to Save Squash Seed
I have developed a process for saving seed that works well for me.

Saving Squash Seed
These are the several steps to go from squash to stored seed.

butternut germplasm and seed archive...
I have been working on squash breeding for ten years, and have a lot of germplasm to share with
likeminded individuals who are or would like to work in this area.

High Hill 2005 spacing study
This is a brief study on how spacing of the butternut hybrid squash Zuchnut plants impacts overall crop yield.